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Webserver Lua API

When the webserver is enabled, it will expose the /api/v1/lua/ prefix, which can be used to execute Lua code on the emulator. When an endpoint with this prefix is called, the Lua table PCSX.WebServer.Handlers will be inspected to find a handler for the rest of the path in the endpoint. If a handler is found, it will be called with a request object representing the query, and it has to return a string, which will be sent back to the client as the response. If no handler is found, a 404 error will be returned. If an error occurs while executing the handler, a 500 error will be returned.

The request object has the following fields:

  • form is a table of the form data in the request. This is only available if the request is a POST request, and the content type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
  • headers is a table of the headers in the request.
  • method is the HTTP method of the request.
  • urlData is a table with more information about the URL. It has the following string fields:
    • fragment
    • host
    • path
    • port
    • query
    • schema
    • userInfo

If the returned string starts with the characters "HTTP/", then the web server will consider the response string is a full HTTP response with headers, and will send it as-is to the client. Otherwise, the response string will be sent as the body of a normal 200 response.