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Web server

A web server can be activated. This allows the use of a REST api to access various features. The server only handles up to HTTP/1.1, without SSL support.


You can activate the web server by going to Configuration > Emulation > Enable Web Server


By default, the server listens for incoming connection on localhost:8080. The port can be changed in the same settings above.

These GET methods are available:

URL Function
/api/v1/gpu/vram/raw Dump VRAM
/api/v1/cpu/ram/raw Dump RAM
/api/v1/execution-flow Emulation Status

The following POST methods are available:


The above needs to also send a form with binary contents. This will partially update the VRAM with the corresponding pixels. The updated rectangle has to be within the 1024x512 16bpp VRAM. The pixels need to be in 16bpp format, meaning the server is expecting exactly width * height * 2 bytes in the form data. The server will properly parse requests with Content-Type: multipart/form-data, but raw bytes in the request body without this header is also acceptable. Any invalid query will result in a 400 error.


The above needs to also send a form with binary contents, which will update the RAM at the specified offset. Offset is expected to be a number from [0, 0x1FFFFF] in case of running redux with 2MB RAM, or [0, 0x7FFFFF] in case the 8MB memory expansion is enabled. The value of size + offset must not exceed the total space in the RAM.


Value Function
reset Resets the symbols loaded in redux
upload Uploads a .map file to redux

The above expects a .map file with symbols and addresses, which will be merged with the current symbols already loaded in redux. The map file should contain a pair of symbol address for each line. e.g Foo 80010000 would load the symbol Foo in the address 0x80010000.


Value Function
flush Flushes the CPU cache


Value Type Function
pause - Pauses the emulator
start - Starts/Resumes the emulator
resume - Starts/Resumes the emulator
reset hard Hard resets the emulator
reset soft Soft resets the emulator